future productions

13 Tableaux of a Precarious Worker

written by Ozgur Cinar and Gulden Ozcan
directed by Ozgur Cinar

A play about the precariatization of work and its impacts on individuals. The play has auto-biographical components depicting Cinar's experience as an immigrant, temporary, precarious worker in multiple "survival" jobs during his time away from active theatre production as well as Ozcan's experience in precarious academic job market before and after she obtained her PhD. 

Premier: May 2018 in Ottawa, ON


written by Gorune Aprikian and Eric de Roquefeuil
directed by Ozgur Cinar
dramaturg: Kumru Bilici
original music: John Sarkissian

A seven-act play inspired by the life and writings of Hrant Dink, an Armenian journalist, writer and human rights activist who was assassinated on January 19, 2007 in Turkey. The play tells the story of Nedim, a friend of Hrant’s, following the funeral of the latter in Istanbul. The play presents a phantasmagoric sailing of the two friends in Bosphorus and the conversation of the two old friends—with Nedim being of Turkish background—about their common past. What can be described as Nedim’s daydreaming encompasses a requiem for Hrant while the Armenian genocide and ultra-nationalism in Turkey set the background for the entire text with the introduction of a third character, Yener, whose anti-Armenian stances are politically inscribed into the common sense of the majority.

Premier: November 2018 in Ottawa, ON

Modernization Camp

in research phase
being written by Ozgur Cinar
will be directed by Ozgur Cinar

expected completion: March 2019
expected Premier: September 2019

A play about Canada's immigration policy. A critical look at the claims to multiculturalism.